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Breathwork and meditation in the gallery with Camilla Drema

Tuesday 6th June 7:30am - Tuesday 29th August 2023 8:45am
Where  Tauranga Art Gallery Toi Tauranga, 108 Willow street, Tauranga View Map

Kia ora, 

I'm Camilla Drema

It has been such a magical experience, infusing the power of the breath with elements and concepts inspired by all the incredible artists on display at Tauranga Art Gallery! From Dreams Girls Collective to Paul Darragh, every single session offering a different visualisation or concept.

It’s been something else watching people trying breathwork for the first time, others trying new styles & others at the beginning of their journey! It’s been a true honour to guide the community through so thank you from me to you.

If you haven't made it down to the Gallery yet, you're in luck! This time on a koha-based donation (we recommend anything from $5-$15 which helps the collaboration on but there is no obligation to pay) to offer this life changing tool for the community.

We have decided to continue the collaboration :)

We return Tuesdays 7.30am weekly from 9th May, and I am so excited to connect with new and old faces.

If you are new to Breathwork, here are just some incredible benefits:

  • Unclutters our minds, leading to Heightened Presence 
  • Improves Brain Health & Cognitive Function
  • Boosts Immunity (especially powerful during post covid times)
  • Helps Create a Robust Nervous System which helps with our capacity to create lasting changes (think re-wiring & keeping to our productivity goals!)
  • Proven to help us Live Longer
  • Alleviates Mental Health issues such as Anxiety & Depression
  • Creates mind to body connection leading to operating from a state of calm & response > reactionary and triggered states
  • Creates mental health shifts immediately, perfect for morning routines
  • Great for team-building exercises that involve something healthier
  • Stimulates creativity & memory
  • & many more!

Dr James Nestor has a famous quote: "No matter what you eat, how much you exercise, how slim or young or wise you are, none of it matters if you're not breathing properly” which sums up how integral the health of our breath is to us.

Experience the fusion of art & breathwork this Tuesday by signing up now!

We are slowing down the mind & breathing ourselves free with Camilla every Tuesday at 7.30am.

The breath connects mind to body, and our being to our emotion. It brings us from a higher heart rate down into a rest & digest, allowing us to drop into your body and away from the over thinking minds. Find a new sense of being and calm, while being taken on a visualisation journey that infuses the artists stories & concepts.

We are delighted to bring you a whole new journey to experience in our gallery, perhaps experiencing the magic & power of Breathwork for the first time.

Breathe yourself free, become more present, grounded & calm in your life

7:30am ~ 45 mins

BYO yoga matt, blanket & water

Fruit & Tea provided after the session




Kia ora,  I'm Camilla Drema It has been such a magical experience, infusing the power of the breath with elements and... more
The event "Breathwork and meditation in the gallery with Camilla Drema" has finished

Koha ticket breathwork 11/07/23
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Available 4 Mar 2023 - 29 Aug 2023

Koha ticket breathwork 18/07/23
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Available 5 Jun 2023 - 29 Aug 2023

Koha ticket breathwork 25/07/23
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Available 5 Jun 2023 - 29 Aug 2023

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